Lombarda raccordi s.r.l.

Lombarda Raccordi Srl is a historic business reality, on the market since 1979. Over the years it has developed a high quality service, providing targeted solutions, accurate customer service and a huge selection of products.

The company's success is based on the ability to supply complete fittings for plumbing and heating systems, gas distribution, refrigeration, chemical, medical and general industrial. A pioneer in the field of supply of metal pipe fittings, over the years has designed, patented and manufactured several products under its own brand.

Careful to ensure a strict quality management system, Lombarda Raccordi is a certified Company, according to UNI EN ISO 9001 since early 1996 and UNI EN ISO 14001 from 2016, always looking for continuous improvement.

The product range includes threaded (ISO 7/1 BSPT, ISO 228 BSPP, NPT) and weld (BW or SW) fittings, with a lot of items always ready-to-ship.

A major strength of Lombarda Raccordi Srl is represented also by the innovative Press-Fittings supplied in stainless steel, carbon steel, copper/bronze and the practical multilayer-system to press or tighten.

Latest news is the high-pressure range of solder copper fittings, a product developed and implemented by Lombarda Raccordi, with an high thickness created to satisfy as required by modern compressors.

Lombarda Raccordi’s staff, always available and prepared, offer assistance for any commercial request and immediate technical support.

Feedback from our customers will always verify the value of our efforts!